• Citadelle hospital in Liege
  • Bishan subway station in Singapore
  • Reconstruction Renory Bridge in Liege
  • Temporary bridge of Mulongwe for the Railroad Kivu (RDC)
  • Jail in Andenne

Milestones in over 135 years of experience

1880 Creation of the Compagnie Générale de Chemins de Fer Secondaires (CFE) dedicated to building and managing of railway and tram lines through concessions.
1921 Diversification of activities through the involvement in civil engineering and building construction under the name of Compagnie Belge de Chemins de Fer et d'Entreprises.


Creation of the Société Générale de Dragage active in dredging works both in Belgium and abroad.


Adoption of the name Compagnie d'Entreprises CFE, due to the large number of general contractor type activities.


CFE and Ackermans & van Haaren pool their dredging activities and create Dredging International.


Merger of CFE with Entreprises Ed. François et Fils, thereby making CFE the largest Belgian construction company.


The GTM Group , shareholder since 1987, becomes the principal shareholder in CFE


Creation of the DEME Group (Dredging, Environmental and Marine Engineering) result of the association between Dredging International and Baggerwerken Decloedt.

Acquisition of Nizet Entreprise.

1999 Acquisition of Vanderhoydoncks Multitechnieken.


VINCI and GTM merge and become the first worldwide construction group.

CFE increases its participation in the DEME Group to 47.8%.


CFE introduces an organisation based on three main divisions: the Construction division, which covers all construction professions and the associated services, the Dredging and Environment division, the Electricity division.

During the same year, following an agreement with BPC (Bâtiments et Ponts Construction), CFE acquires 100% of ABEB, the Antwerp subsidiary of BPC.

The merger of the companies CFE, Bageci, Investissements et Promotion and Maatschappij voor Bouw- en Grondwerken (MBG) takes place in December.


Acquisition of Bâtiments et Ponts Construction (BPC) and Bâtipont Immobilier (BPI).

CFE increases its participation in the DEME Group to 50%.

Creation of a division for Real Estate and associated services, distinct from the Construction division.

The Electricity division evolves towards multitechnics.


Acquisition of 100% of the shares in Aannemingen Van Wellen.


Merger of the Property Management activities of Sogesmaint and CB Richard Ellis.

In October, capital increase in cash with a preferential subscription right.


CFE realizes an acquisition in the Multitechnics division; CFE has acquired VMA NV Infra-Industry based in Ghent and its subsidiary VMA Slovakia.

CFE strengthened by the acquisition of the Brussels based company Amart, particularly present in the restauration and rehabilitation of buildings.

CFE participates for 25 % into the company Druart, a company specialized in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling.


CFE increases her participation into the company Druart from 25% to 62.5%.

CFE reinforces its Multitechnics division through the acquisition of  the company Stevens NV.  This company, situated in Halen (Limburg - Belgium), is specialized in electrotechnical installations, rail signals installation, cabling, airport lights and marks equipment and also in the installation of telecommunication networks.


Reinforcement of the activities of Druart in Wallonia by the integration of Prodfroid, a company with complementary activities.

Acquisition of 64,95% of the shares in Van De Maele Multi-techniek based in Meulebeke (Belgium).
Elektro Van De Maele is a contractor active in the field of industrial, public and other electrical installations, the electrical part of airconditioning and in the installation, optimisation and automation of stables in the agricultural industry.


CFE acquires majority shareholding in Terryn, Belgian market leader in bonded laminates.

Creation of "be.maintenance".

CFE acquires 65% of shares of Brantegem NV. This company is specialized in HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) and sanitary equipment.


CFE expands its field of activity of its multitechnics division by the acquisition of ETEC and gets a foothold in the field of public lighting. It further reinforces its activity of underground networks.

CFE is making an asset deal with the company Leloup Entreprise Générale, which is active in both renovation and transformation of small and medium size projects in Brussels as well as in Flemish and Walloon Brabant.


CFE acquires the shares of Remacom, specializes in the laying of railroad tracks, and creates a sixth division of activities : the Rail & Road Infrastructure division. This new division will be formed by ENGEMA, Stevens, Remacom and Aannemingen Van Wellen.

The Multitechnics division acquires ARIADNE located in Limburg, specialized in automation.


Transfer of the participation in Sogesmaint-CB Richard Ellis SA. CFE develops, under the name of Sogesmaint, an integrated activity of Property, Facility and Project Management in synergy with the group's activities.

Prodfroid becomes Procool and Van De Maele Multi-Terchniek becomes VMA West.

Acquisition of a 60.40% stake in CFE by Ackermans & van Haaren.

VINCI Construction s.a.s. sold a stake of 23.42% in CFE to Ackermans & van Haaren and maintains a stake of 12.11% in CFE.

Ackermans & van Haaren transferred its 50% stake in DEME to CFE.  As a result of these transactions, CFE acquires full control over DEME.

BPI opened a head office in Antwerp to strengthen its presence and raise its profile in the Flanders market. 

BPC SA becomes CFE Bâtiment Brabant Wallonie SA and groups CFE Brabant, BPC Brabant, BPC Liège, BPC Hainaut, BPC Namur, LELOUP ENTREPRISE GENERALE and Amart


CFE sells its road activity to Aswebo.

Aannemingen Van Wellen Bouw becomes Atro Bouw


The Board of Directors of CFE appoints Piet Dejonghe as second Managing Director.

Creation of the Contracting division which include all the construction, multitechnics and rail activities. The Board of Directors of CFE appoints Raymund Trost as CEO CFE Contracting.

Creation of the CFE Bouw Vlaanderen (MBG Buildings & Industrial Constructions and Atro Bouw) and CFE Infra (MBG Civil Engineering, BAGECI, Civil Engineering International, CFE Nederland and GEKA Bouw).


DEME sets up a new division comprising two new subsidiaries : DEME Infra Sea Solutions (DISS) and DEME Infra Marine Contractor (DIMCO), specializing in marine and river civil engineering.

The entities CFE Nederland BV and GEKA Bouw BV, direct subsidiaries of CFE, were repositioned under DIMCO together with a part of the civil engineering staff of CFE.


Creation of the VMA cluster. 

Acquisition of Aannemingen Van Laere by CFE Contracting.