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The CFE group attaches a major importance to sustainable relation both with its co-workers and with the environment. Here are some aspects of our vision:


The attention CFE devotes to diversity has been an integral part of the group's policy and that of its subsidiaries for several years. After signing the Charter on Diversity in 2005, the company achieved positive results two years later in an audit conducted by an independent rating agency (VIGEO).  Our recruiting policy is clear: it is based on individuals' skills and motivation, regardless of age, sex, ethnic origin or disabilities.


Special emphasis is placed on training, which covers a wide variety of topics. Take, for example, the training sessions related to technical themes, safety, management, IT, etc.  The objective ? To allow you to develop and give you the best tools to improve.


At CFE, the work environment matters! This is why CFE sets aside time for get-togethers among colleagues in a friendly, relaxed setting. Family visit days, site "open house" days, and several sporting events (group's football tournament, Brussels 20K, etc.), to name a few.

International career

CFE is not only present in Belgium. The group also operates in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, the Middle East and Africa. For those globe-trotters wishing to discover an international career, there are certainly possibilities of finding that overseas job at CFE !

Career opportunities

One of the greatest things is that, as a group of companies, there will always be career opportunities. If after several years of experience you would like to build a career overseas or work in another field, this is possible. Mobility is encouraged so that each employee is able to decide on his or her career at their own pace.

Environmental responsability

The philosophy of "doing business in a socially responsible way" is central to the policy of each of the group's companies. The very specific services the companies offer prove that CFE is participating in building the future: DEME's participation in the first C-Power farshore wind farm in Ostend, the design and installation of photovoltaic panels by Nizet, the group's participation in sustainable infrastructure projects such as the Liefkenshoek rail tunnel in Antwerp, the Coentunnel in Amsterdam, and so forth.

CFE has created a dedicated Sustainable Development department to rethink the buildings of tomorrow, reduce their global CO2 print, and provide useful recommendations to the group's entities in view of adopting an approach that is environmentally friendly in the long run.

Safety comes first

Safety is a top priority at the CFE group and is based on the following key elements:

  • the health and safety of each employee and all parties concerned, as well as respect for the environment and the work place, are central elements of the CFE group safety policy
  • "to work in the safest possible way and see to the safety of others" is a condition for working at CFE
  • accidents and incidents can be avoided
  • the resources and methods required for their prevention are made available and must be used
  • the desire to constantly improve in the area of safety, health and environment is a factor of productivity and quality and is thus a source of profitability
  • each individual is responsible in his or her own way for abiding by the safety policy and standards, directives and procedures

To make this possible, the topic of health and safety in the work place is systematically discussed.  SCC and OHSAS are therefore frequently applied within the CFE group as systems of safety management.

When new employees join the team, a debriefing on safety is part of the welcoming. CFE invests heavily in training and continuing education for all employees to maintain high safety standards.

To ensure that safety remains an integral part of our corporate culture, both senior managers and workers in the plant are constantly kept aware of safety matters.

"Our employees work at our company to earn a living, not to put their lives at risk," says Renaud Bentégeat, CEO.

In 2008, CFE even put on a play for all operational workers in the construction division to spark a debate and hear suggestions for improvements to ensure safety remains a daily concern and priority. The objective remains "zero accidents"!

In early 2010, the Belgian section of the European Club for Health, backed by the Federal Public Service of Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue, awarded the CFE group the "Health & Company" prize for its play.

In 2012, CFE continued its exemplary human resources policy, which has twice been rewarded with the Top Employer award in Belgium, along with Diversity accreditation from the Brussels Capital regional authorities.


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