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Ciska Servais

Boerenlegerstraat 204
B-2650 Edegem

BVBA Ciska Servais, represented by
Ciska Servais

Independent Director

President of the Remuneration and Nomination Committee

Member of the audit committee as of 5 May 2016

Ciska Servais is a partner at the legal firm Astrea.  She is active in the field of administrative law, specifically environmental and town planning law, as well as real estate law and construction law. She has extensive experience as regards to advice, judicial procedures and negotiations; she gives courses and is a regular speaker at seminars.

She graduated with a master in law from the University of Antwerp (1989), as well as an additional Master (LL.M) in international legal co-operation at the Free University Brussels (V.U.B.) (1990).  She also graduated with a special masters in Ecology from the University of Antwerp (1991).

She started her traineeship in 1990 at the legal firm Van Passel & Greeve.  She became a partner at Van Passel & Vennoten in 1994 and, subsequently at Lawfort in 2004.  In 2006, she co-founded the legal firm Astrea.

Ciska Servais mainly publishes on the subject of environmental law, amongst others with regard to the decontamination decree, environmental liability and the regulations regarding the movement of soil.

She is attorney at the Bar of Antwerp .


A-listed companies :

Independant Director of MONTEA Comm. VA

Vice-Chair of the Board of MONTEA Comm. VA

Chair of the Remuration Committee, MONTEA Comm. VA

Member of the Audit Committee, MONTEA Comm.VA


B-non-listed companies:

Astrea bv cvba