• Eastman - Brussels
  • Rode Kruis - Mechelen
  • A13 - Berkel (NL)
  • Music Chapel Queen Elisabeth - Waterloo
  • Renovation of the Station of Limal
  • Apartment & office buildings Up-Site in Brussels
  • Pole Star in Brussel
  • Korlam - Moorslede
  • Passive office building Elia in Brussels
  • Diabolo railway tunnel in Zaventem
  • European school in Brussels
  • Square - Brussels meeting center
  • Residential project "Green Park" in Bratislava
  • Offices in Drosbach
  • Arena Plaza shopping and recreation center in Budapest
  • Shopping center Mediacité in Liege
  • Gresham Palace hotel in Budapest

The activity is the initial activity of the CFE group, and is specialised in :

  • construction of office buildings, housing, hotels, site facilities, schools and universities, shopping and recreation centers, hospitals, industrial buildings (laboratories, factories, energy plants, manufacturing halls, warehouses, building foundations, etc.), ports and airports, construction of wood structures
  • renovation and transformation of buildings

This activity includes Amart, BPC, BPC Liège, BPC Hainaut, BPC Namur, CFE Polska, CFE Tunisie-CTE, CLE, Laminated Timber Solutions, MBG, Aannemingen Van Laere, Groupe Thiran and Arthur Vandendorpe.


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