Besides its specialization in the street lighting and the installation of buried networks, ENGETEC is active in several sectors:

the sector of the electricity: installation and maintenance of the street and private lighting, of networks and low voltage, road signaling, electrical connections to the private individuals and the maintenance of engineering works, tunnels

the sector of the water: it puts and replaces every type of pipes

the sector of the gas: it fits out cabins of gas, installs drivings, places meters with budget and links to the private individuals

the sector of the telecom: connecting to the private individuals, placement of air and underground networks, wired infrastructure, copper and optical fiber



Zoning Industriel de Manage, Zone D
Rue Jean Perrin, 2
B - 7170 MANAGE

Tel: +32 (0)64 54 85 35
Fax: +32 (0)64 54 84 48

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