• Belview project - Brussel
  • Wola Tarasy - Warschau (PL)
  • Residential project Calevoet in Brussels
  • Residential project Bataves 15-21 in Brussels
  • Apartments and hotel for the project "La Réserve" in Knokke
  • Apartment building rue des Sables in Brussels
  • Ocean’s Four – 18 floor residential tower with commercial surface in Gdańsk
  • Jardins de Jette in Brussels
  • Brugmann Court apartment building in Brussels
  • Serviced apartment building Cap Affaires in Arlon
  • Offices building Jardins de la Couronne in Brussels
  • Renovation of an industrial building Frontispice in Brussels


Ado Blaton sells "Bâtiments et Ponts" to the French group CBC in 1988.  Together, they form a joint real estate development company in 1989: "Bâtipont Immobilier".  After the death of Ado Blaton in 1999, the family withdraws from the partnership, and CBC, which becomes SGE, assumes full control of BPI.

BPI joins the CFE group in 2004 and becomes part of the real estate and management services division, becaming so the company in charge of real estate development in Belgium. 

BPI imagines, designs and carries out innovative real estate projects of first-rate quality, yet on a human scale, in respect of sustainable development.

BPI takes care of finding properties, designing plans, laying out building space, monitoring construction, dealing with legal matters and commercialization.

Visit the website : http://www.bpi-realestate.com


Avenue Herrmann-Debroux 42
BE-1160 Brussels
Tel: +32 (0)2 663 60 10
Fax: +32 (0)2 673 59 25

Jacques Lefèvre

Jacques Lefèvre
Managing Director




Frontispice - Brussels - Transformation of a 6,000 m² industrial building into flats and office spaces

Brugmann Court - Brussels - 12,000 m² apartment building

South City Office & Hotel - Brussels - 31,000 m² office building and 7,300 m² hotel

The Jardins de Jette - Brussels - Development of a new 15 ha district

La Réserve - Knokke - 29,000 m² residential building and hotel

Erasmus Garden - Brussels - Development of a 166,000 m² sustainable district

Barbarahof - Louvain - Reconversion of a large parking lot into 41,000 m² of apartment buildings

Réduit des Dominicains - Tournai - Renovation of a convent into 3,360 m² apartment buildings

The Jardins de la couronne - Brussels - 93,300 m² of apartment buildings

Crown avenue - Brussels - 31,200 m² office building

Résidence services "Cap Affaires" - Arlon - 4,500 m² appart'hotel

Sterpenich Retail Park - Arlon - 30,000 m² shopping center

Ocean's 4 - Gdansk (PL) - Residential programme of 530 living units

Gouden Boom - Bruges - Residential building witch 32 apartments and 4 shops


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